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PayDayAllDay Team

The PDAD team is an eclectic mix of formally qualified and experienced personnel that have come together under the leadership of CEO Theodore Jefferson. All team members are well versed in financial matters, not just lending, and can offer both advice and direction in relation to your money matters. Security, friendliness, empathy, information and a genuine desire to help is where the PDAD team stands head and shoulders above most competitors. Service with sales is our operational motto.
Theodore Jefferson


The PDAD CEO, Theodore Jefferson has spent more than 20 years in finance, mainly in loan-related businesses. He had his own small company which he ran from a home office before he realized that he needed to expand and provide first-class loan services to those that most need them.

Theodore got a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration, and then he continued his education by obtaining a Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (MSQF) from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Before launching PayDayAllDay, Theodore Jefferson worked at One Nevada Credit Union, providing a full range of innovative checking, savings and loan products to meet customer’s financial needs. Right there he realized that he was ready to create his own loan connecting service.

In 2006, Theodore established PayDayAllDay and makes it the best of the best in fast cash loans in a growing industry that inspires his team to provide amazing customer service.

Brian Speier


Brian Speier has been invited to join the PaydayAllDay team thanks to his deep knowledge of the financial matters. He got a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Accountancy, and obtained a certificate in Business Management (CA) from the College of Southern Nevada.

Before joining the PayDayAllDay company, Brian worked as an accounting supervisor at First Security Bank of Nevada, examining accounting records, financial statements, and other financial reports in order to assess accuracy and conformance to procedural and reporting standards.

Running an online business requires to have a lot of patience when helping people and managing all the processes, but also requires to be able to provide the most reliable information using exceptional and professional writing language. That’s why Brian Speier is an irreplaceable part of the PDAD team.

Alice Robinson
Managing Editor


Alice was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Then she attained a Bachelor of Economics at the University of San Francisco, the place where she became passionate about researching the thin ropes between money and meaning.

After finishing her studies, Alice had an internship at Pacific Service Credit Union and then became a customer service agent there, where she offered checking accounts, low rate auto loans, credit cards, real estate loans, and a wide variety of savings products for all the organization’s customers.

She is insatiably interested in people’s potential, wondering why some succeed and others don’t. Thus, the articles on her blog explore a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: money, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, philanthropy, just to name a few.

At the moment, Alice Robinson is working as a managing editor at PaydayAllDay and provides high-quality content related to the most relevant financial topics.